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Geographically, COASTAIR is perfectly placed. Located at Liege Airport – a transit hub for numerous freighters – we’re ideally situated to handle everything, to and from everywhere. We have aircraft arriving from the the US with mining equipment bound for Africa. We also handle African operators transiting Liege with fresh product for European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. The rise in E-commerce is also bringing shipments from Asia to be delivered across Europe. It’s all supervised from COASTAIR’S very own SKYHOUSE hub.

许多货机都在列日机场中转,所以我们有极佳的地理位置来操作您的货物。来自美国的飞机装载着飞往非洲的采矿采油设备,又从非洲带回运往欧洲,中东,亚洲的新鲜食品, 同时,还有来自亚洲的电子商务货物。在我们的空港,快速顺利的操作是能够得到保证的。我们的同事会手把手的操作及监管您的货物,24小时无休。

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International air cargo


Put quite simply: We Fly Africa. For over 20 years, we have been the African experts. To look beyond the usual possibilities, contact us now.

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For almost a decade, we’ve been handling shipments carried by the many US-registered carriers operating through Liege. Our dedicated, in-house US expertise means we always have a solution to offer.

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Our in-house China department is expanding. If you have the cargo, we have the space.

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