We shop 4u so you don’t have to…

We shop 4u so you don’t have to

Many freighter aircrafts transit through Liege Airport therefore we are perfectly placed to handle your cargo. Aircraft arriving from the Americas with African cargoes for the mining or oil industry. African operators returning with fresh produce for the European, Middle-East or Asian markets. Express E-commerce shipments from Asia are very well received in Europe. Fast & smooth handling guaranteed at our HUB, hands-on colleagues will supervise your cargo.

We have it covered 24/7, ALWAYS.

许多货机都在列日机场中转,所以我们有极佳的地理位置来操作您的货物。来自美国的飞机装载着飞往非洲的采矿采油设备,又从非洲带回运往欧洲,中东,亚洲的新鲜食品, 同时,还有来自亚洲的电子商务货物。在我们的空港,快速顺利的操作是能够得到保证的。我们的同事会手把手的操作及监管您的货物,24小时无休。

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We are experts in Africa since 1989. Thanks to our experience we look further than the usual possibilities, ALWAYS

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Dedicated in-house USA expertise since 2011. We are ready for your shipments. Many US carriers operate via the Liege hub so we have hands-on solutions to offer

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In-house China department. We have the space, do you have the cargo?

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