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While scheduled flights can bind your cargo to set times and routes, a charter gives you more freedom – a dedicated aircraft flying your cargo to and from your choice of airport. As the Benelux’s leading cargo charter company, COASTAIR is always ready to fly your freight on your route and to your schedule. It’s what we do best.

After twenty years in the business, COASTAIR has the experience to deliver whatever you have, whenever you need it, wherever you want. Whether it’s a ‘go-now’ shipment of car spares, or essential humanitarian aid to a conflict region, we have the knowledge, flexibility and tools to help.

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Remote destinations

There are numerous airports around the world that may not be served by scheduled airlines. We have the expertise to know which airports will best serve remote regions. We also know which aircraft type or helicopter will be required for the nature of the cargo and the airport of destination. After twenty years in the charter business, we remain inventive.

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Humanitarian aid

When natural disasters strike, the rapid movement of aid by air becomes paramount. COASTAIR has a long and proud history in reacting to global catastrophes. It has always been one of our greatest commitments – not just as a charter supplier, but as humanitarians.

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Outsized cargo

Any piece of cargo that exceeds a conventional aircraft pallet could be termed ‘outsized’. Whether it’s because of cargo height or width, our experienced loadmasters will plan the most suitable method of air transportation. We’ve got what it takes to move anything from entire power plants to oil well equipment. COASTAIR has the experience and capability to simplify even the most difficult ‘outsized’ challenge.

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With IATA-trained staff and decades of experience, COASTAIR is a trusted partner in the air transportation of live animals. Working closely with our suppliers, we handle every live animal shipment in accordance with IATA regulations. We also handle with the utmost care and attention. Professional grooms and escorts are available to accompany every charter flight, while we can also provide our own specially-designed stalls.

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