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COASTAIR is a leading cargo charter company within the Benelux who offers cargo airlift outside the scheduled flight services. A dedicated aircraft brings your cargo to the airport of your choice.

We have the experience and the tools to provide the aircraft at any given time. Whether you need a just in-time delivery or you need to move essential humanitarian aid, we are ready for the job.

Since the very beginning we have been flying within conflict regions, operating to remote airports dealing with the local humanitarian crisis, this is what we do best!

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Remote destinations

All over the world there are numerous airports that are hard to reach. Especially within Africa, the Middle and the Far East. These airports do not operate scheduled flights as we know them so we have to think differently. We must use our experience to make these flights happen, be inventive with different types of aircraft and helicopter. We deliver … ALWAYS.

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Humanitarian aid

When disaster strikes, wiping away the infrastructure of villages and leaving the locals without food, water, shelter or basic living supplies, Coastair is committed to reach the victims by air and delivering their basic needs.

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Outsized cargo

Outsized cargo is unusual cargo due to volume, height, width or cargo which does not allow transportation with the usual means of air transport. The vast experience of our in-house loadmasters will simplify your difficult projects whether you need to move power plant parts, aircraft engines or oil well equipment. We’ve got what it takes to move your special loads … ALWAYS.

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Coastair also offers animal transport to the highest standards. Our staff are IATA trained with very good knowledge to the live animal regulations. We make sure all our partners operate and handle all livestock shipments with utmost care at all stages. Professional grooms are available to accompany your chartered flight or we could provide pallet-stalls, always making sure to maintain the comfort of the livestock. Own developed cattle stalls are available ex Liege airport.

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