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COASTAIR cargo brokers

COASTAIR is a leading neutral cargo brokerage based at Liege airport. We offer worldwide airlift solutions on scheduled service flights as well as full charter flights.

Our expert cargo team

All our team members are used to deal with cargo. Our staff eat, drink and sleep cargo, they have the cargo virus in their blood. This will always give them an advantage compared to other cargo brokers. We are committed to cargo.

Onsite supervisors

Our in-house supervisors make sure your shipment will fly as booked. They handle trucking delays, (re) label cargo or work through all last minute changes, everything will be fully documented with cargo reports and picture proof. Your cargo will be taken care of, ALWAYS.

Think different

Through our cargo charter experience we think beyond the average GSA or cargo agent limitations. Not only we are independent, we have a no strings attached sales policy. We go beyond the “normal” network therefore we do find the (best) solution for our customers, this is our commitment towards our clients, ALWAYS.

Cost efficiency

Our impeccable reputation, work ethic & know-how enable us to work with all major air cargo operators. This ensures us to obtain the best allocations on the flight with the very best airfreight rates, ALWAYS.

Personal service

We are proud NOT to be a regular freight agency or a GSA. We as neutral brokers are very open minded when it comes to cargo uplifts. We handle your shipment as if it were our own cargo. We strive to give your project the best possible service, we make it work for you. It is our personal commitment to keep everyone informed at all time, ALWAYS.


Your freight – Our solutions – Our experience – Our flexibility


At our Liege home-base we are perfectly located to transit your shipment to any destination worldwide. East meets West and we can turn it around to go to the South. We have our own cargo team, warehouse supervisors who can handle your freight at any time. Not only do we book your cargo, we are handling it ourselves.

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  • Africa

    We are experts in Africa since 1989.
    Thanks to our experience we look further than the usual possibilities, ALWAYS

  • USA

    Dedicated in-house USA expertise since 2011. We are ready for your shipments. Many US carriers operate via the Liege hub so we have hands-on solutions to offer

  • China

    In-house China department.
    We have the space, do you have the cargo?


Your freight – Your routing – Your schedule

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